Sunday, April 7, 2013

So Happy to be creative again

I am so happy to be back to creating. This weekend I decided to just have fun.  The weather was great all weekend and while my husband worked on the yard I "worked" in the studio.  In a few weeks I hope to have enough items to do my first glaze load with the new glazes.  I signed up for the Clay Matters Festival on May 11th and I hope to be ready with my new work.  I also need to make more work for all the galleries.

I would wish I could get some good photos of the nicer pots for new business cards before the first show but I am not sure it will happen.  I am also considering a new booth display and new signage.    I don't want to rush it but it's hard to not move forward.  This year is supposed to be all about starting over with a whole new look.


Kings Creek Pottery said...

Sounds like a great deal 'working in the studio' while yard work gets done ;) The new pots look great!

Judy Abdelaziz said...

Thank you. I can't wait to glaze them.