Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yesterday I glazed and Today we see the results

Yesterday I glazed and today we see the results.  These are the vases and pitchers that came out.  The sunrise vase was glazed clear back in December and finally fit into a good spot in the kiln.  I am fazing out the sunrise line.  Right now it can be purchased on Etsy, in my showroom, or at a few gift shops.  It is all part of my plan to make my Art show booths look more professional.  The three other items will be part of the new line. 

Tomorrow I will be glazing the multi-dragonfly design.  I will be working on Thursday at Ruby's Gift when they cool down, but should have some photos by Friday.

Well my firing disaster from the last post seemed to be an over reaction.  I glazed these mugs and they turned out fine.  I probably should have added a little more green but otherwise the glaze stuck.  Yipee.  I sprayed the glazed on in thin layers, letting it dry in the sun in between.

Yesterday my shop was picked as the Treasury shop of the week on Etsy's Advertising and Promotion Teams Blog.  Check out the winning treasury.  This means that my shop is featured in other members treasuries this week.  More exposure is great.