Monday, February 20, 2012

Bill VanGilder and Silvie Gratanelli Workshop

Over the weekend I attended the Claymatters Winter Workshop.  The featured artists this year were Bill VanGilder and Silvie Granatelli.  In the photo to the left see a photo of Silvie and I and the piece I had to have.  To see the photo of Bill and the piece of his that I had to have, check out my Facebook page.  I learned so many new techniques that it will takes months for me to try them all.  So check back for photos of my pieces inspired by what I learned.  Also, check out the Claymatters website for a more detailed account and photos of the workshop. (ps. I am the webmaster of that site as well).

I will be glazing tomorrow, I hope.  Lately it seems that life has gotten in the way.  This year I decided to try to live life more and part of that is getting to the Y to work out most mornings.  This means that instead of working in the morning, I don't start until after lunch.  It seems like there are always things I have to attend to in the afternoon, children, groceries, appointments, etc.  So, hopefully by Wednesday there will be photos taken and posted.

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