Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Candy Dishes and a bird house

Today was a day of experimenting. The two candy dishes were inspired by a workshop a took from Allison McGowan in November.  She handbuilt her bowl and legs but I decided to throw the bowls and handbuild the legs. 

They were made by cutting out triangles and folding together one side then attaching at the curve on the bottom of the bowl.  You can see how different shaped triangles make different legs.  The bowl to the left also features a double rim with grooves spaced around.  I am not sure that everyone loves candy dishes as much as I do.  I have had many variations throughout the years.  Next I made a bird house for up at our cabin in Bat Cave, NC.  If I like how it turns out, I may make some for sale this spring.  The other two pieces are a wine chiller and utensil holder.  Just because I felt like it.
Be sure to check out my Etsy site for items that I have for sale.  Remember this is just a starting point.  I have lots of other pieces made that have not been placed on there yet.  So you can always send me a convo requesting an item.

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