Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting ready

 The last few days I have been busy making a variety of pieces I need for upcoming shows.  The pedestal with holes is something fairly new.  I had made one a few months ago and it was sold at the Earth & Fire Show.   The Egg Tray is new as well and I am not sure how many I should make.  I also made another attempt at a salt & pepper shaker made with extruded pieces.  The last set I made the bottom holes were too big and the top holes were filled with glaze.  If this time doesn't work, I may give it up.    
In a few weeks I will glaze a bunch of these pieces for my Studio Clearance Sale coming in September.

 I opened up my email today and had a note that I was being featured on Lisa WB Walker's Blog, Food & Pottery. She wrote a great post that featured my Sunrise line.

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