Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Been Busy - Really

Since getting back last week, I have been working every day (including Saturday and Sunday).  Today I sanded, added the slip trail beading and then loaded the kiln.  This is probably the fullest I have ever loaded the kiln. My greenware shelves were full and I will probably do another bisque load as soon as this one comes out.  I will be taking this weekend off but get right back to it next week. I have one month left before my fall season starts, so I am giving a huge push to stock up on bisqued pieces.  There are 2 shelving units in my studio that I need to fill with bisque ware before the fall.
On September 10th and 11th I will be having my Fall Clearance Sale.  This is also New Day Pottery's 3 year anniversary and I will have a number of pieces at 50% off.  Some are seconds(not perfect quality), others are just older and I want to make room for new pieces.  I will also be glazing a bunch of new items the week before the sale that will be available for purchase.  There will be pieces in the new glazing technique I have been working on as well as some new pieces like the deviled egg trays.

Last week I picked up the pieces that were at the Earth & Fire Pottery Festival in Kings Mountain.  I was very pleased with the show.  It was at the Kings Mountain Art Center and lasted for a month.  I joined the Southern Arts Society and now I have a few pieces in the gift shop.  They mentioned a holiday show in December that I will probably have some pieces in.

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