Friday, March 18, 2011

Four More Tall Vases

Today was a really beautiful sunny day.  So, I decided that it was a great day to make extra large vases. Each piece takes two thrown pieces put together.  A sunny day is neccesary so that by the time I have thrown the eight pieces, the first set is ready to be attached together.  I sold the two vases that I had in my dining room to the Seaworthy Gallery in Hattaras, NC.  Two of these pieces will go in my dining room and hopefully at least one will be good enough to enter in the juried competition at Mint Hill Arts in June.  The piece on the far right was fun.  Hopefully others enjoy it as much as I do.

Wednesday I worked at Ruby's Gift in NoDa.  The owner has moved my pieces to a new shelving unit.  It's nice because the shelves are farther apart, allowing room for large platters & bowls.  I removed some pieces that had been there awhile and brought in some new.  The dragonfly design is new to the store.  

My first show of the spring season is coming up in a month.  The NC Pottery Festival will be April 15-17 in Greensboro.  After that I have 3 more shows at 2-3 week intervals until June. In the next week I will just be stocking up on regular items, then I will finish up glazing for the first show.


Linda Starr said...

I almost didn't see the comment button, I like that vase on the right, how do you get the joins not to show on the pots when you put them together?

Judy Abdelaziz said...

Thanks Linda. The blog post dated July 24, 2009 has a detailed explanation of how I make the tall vases.