Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Experimenting with Cone 6

Well - not sure what to think. I did some new things this load. First of all I raised my kiln temp from cone 5 to cone 6. I was hoping to cause my glazes to run a little more.(They didn't') Most of this load should be shades of blue. My seamist didn't like the raise in temp and turned mustard yellow. My Turquoise turned a faded light green. I was happy with the new dark blue. It turns beautiful shades of blue when overlapped with other colors. I was hoping that at least one piece would come out all blue so that I could photograph it for the Monochromatic Show advertising. I need it by August 1st. I should have another load done by next week, so I will cross my fingers.
I am getting ready for the Myrtle Beach show coming up in a few weeks. I have been photographing, pricing and packing up all the pieces that have been made since my last show in May. I have also been painting my shelves and crates black to go better with the black cloth background that goes behind my display.

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