Friday, September 5, 2014


While I knew that September and early October were going to be my busiest 6 weeks of the year with 4 shows, I did not imagine how busy it would end up being.  

First off, I decided about a month ago that I was going to apply for, which for those that don't know is a website that brings artists and galleries/gift shops together.  I was accepted yesterday and my page is now open for ordering.  If you are not registered on the site and you are a gift shop / gallery send me a note and I will get you a guest pass.  The items I decided to wholesale are from the dragonfly line (see a few pieces to the left)  plus complementary items.  Crossing my fingers that I start getting some orders soon.
Then a little over a week ago I got a large order from Mountain Nest in Black Mountain.  She wants me to deliver the pieces when I go up to our cabin at the end of September so I am working full time on the order along with pieces for shows.  Of course, it is the hottest it's been this summer and the garage/studio is HOT.

Then last week I got an order from the Middle Earth Olive Oil Co. in Florida.   They want 20 of these olive oil bottles and 10 dipping dishes.  So they go into the rotation as well.

It is a great feeling to be busy and I am excited for the possibilities.

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Michèle Hastings said...

Why is it that it has to be the hottest and muggiest days when there are deadlines to meet?! Congrats on being busy though. Your olive oil bottles are great!

Judy Abdelaziz said...

Thank you Michele. Too hot is better than too cold, since my fan works better than my space heater.