Monday, September 22, 2014

Show season

Shows and more shows.  I just got back from the Art in Autumn in Weaverville, NC. In two weeks I am back in Blowing Rock for Art in the Park and the a week later I am at the CCM Pottery Festival.

Then I am done with art shows for the year and it's time to concentrate on Holiday sales at the galleries and on Etsy.

You may have noticed that I am back to using my old display.  A woman had a diabetic attack (she was unhurt) while driving and ran into 7 park cars ending up ramming into my husbands truck over and over, so our truck is in the shop.  We are lucky we can use the crossover to haul the old display.  I am actually liking the old display for a few reasons.  One being that it's so easy to put up and take down.  Second I think it is more approachable for the customer.  I noticed that people seem to come into the booth for a look around.  The pedestals may be to fancy, making it somehow intimidating.

This week I am finishing up the orders from Mountain Nest and Middle Earth Olive Oil Company.  I will be doing the final glazing tomorrow.  Crossing my fingers because I will be delivering the Mountain Nest order in Black Mountain on Sunday.

Also, on Sunday I plan on picking up a new (used) larger kiln.  Hopefully we don't have any trouble getting home and get it wired without problems.  Here's hoping that I start getting more wholesale orders to fill up this big kiln.

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