Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Vases and a teapot fresh out of the kiln

Unloaded the kiln today and here are my favorites. Then loaded the last bisque load before Christmas, then Monday and Tuesday I will glaze for this weekends show.  Wednesday I set up for the Craftsmen Classic in Greensboro. \

Thursday I host around 20 people for Thanksgiving.  Luckily we do potluck so I don't have to make as much, but being the person I am I will make way too much anyway.  I plan on making turkey, scalloped potatoes, modified Waldorf salad, rolls and dessert.  Others are bringing green bean casserole, pasta casserole, meatballs, another side dish and more dessert.  Unconventional menu but should be good regardless.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be at the show and Monday I will start adding tons of items to my online shop.  I have been trying to add new pieces daily this past week.  Just now I added a new hanging wall vase that just came out of the kiln.  **Remember- I am giving away a free gift (valued at $8) with every purchase in November**

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