Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Twitter and yarn bowls

Today I decided to join twitter.  According to my son, Twitter just got good.  Whatever that means?  Anyway you can find me at www.twitter.com/newdaypottery

Last week I made these yarn bowls and today I glazed them. They are made with the Speckled Brownstone clay.  I am thinking of changing back to this clay.  In a few days I hope to do some test tiles for some new glazes and it will all be fired later in the week.

Lately the weather has been cold on and off, so I have not been working as much.  Even though I have a space heater, when it's below 50 degrees the space heater just doesn't quite do it.

I have not signed up for any shows yet this year since I am planning a huge change in my work. More hand building and new glazes with an emphasis on high-end pieces.  This is a scary prospect since most customers seem to want functional and affordable.  I found that I was getting very bored with doing hundreds of the same item and my creative soul was dying.  Once I have a new body of work I will start applying for some shows, but most of the good shows have already hit the deadline for this year.

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