Monday, February 11, 2013

Finally got my new glaze scale

Over the past five years I have been using commercial glazes.  This happened because the classes I took at a local studio did not teach us how to formulate glazes and when I decided to make pottery full time I was still learning other aspects of the business that I guess I was afraid to mess things up.  There was also a space issue since I only had a one car garage space and didn't feel that there was room for a shelving unit dedicated to glaze materials.  Well since then the space has doubled (and sometimes tripled when I am super busy, which means all four cars are outside)

Anyway, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and give it a try.  First I attended a basic glaze class given by Sylvia Coppola.  Next I ordered the scale and chemicals.  They came in this week so I purchased a small book case from Walmart ($15)  The scale goes on top and the chemicals down below.  The photo shows the test buckets and test tiles but they won't stay there.  My large glaze buckets go under my glazing table in the middle of the space, so once I have settled on 5 or 6 favorites there shouldn't be small containers laying all over the place.  Below are the first five colors I tried.  The white one was Red Iron Oxide which should be brown, but guess I didn't use enough.  I am not keen on the dark green in the middle but the other colors have possibilities.  Over the next month or so I will test some more colors.  I am exited about glazing the pieces I have been making lately but will have to do more testing on smaller pieces before I am ready to trust my formulas.

Meanwhile there was a full load of pots with the commercial glazes so once my good cameras battery charges there will be new pots added to the Etsy store.  If you want one of my current pieces, now is the time to get it, because in a few months they will be fazed out and I am not sure what direction I will be going in the future.

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