Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dinner platter order complete

A few months back I got a request to make 6 plates.  What made this an interesting order was that the customer wanted man platters for dining outside.  He wanted to be able to load up his plate and not to have to go back to get more.  These plates are 13 inches and will hold a large steak and all the sides easily.

This week I have been busy shipping out online orders.  It has been pretty exciting to get orders almost daily.  Most times I was shipping between 4-10 boxes.  Of course this is the week that they are doing bodywork on our truck, which coincidentally was ruined when I backed into a car in the post office parking lot last month.  So, my sons had to take turns driving me to the post office every afternoon.   Hopefully I will get the truck back soon.

Yesterday I went to the supply store and ordered a slab roller.  I am really excited to start making some new work.  In the next few days I will probably draw out some ideas to try once I get the slab roller.  My plan is to also revamp my glaze colors as well.  The glazes I use right now do not show texture well and slab work is shown off best with other types of glazes.


studiomaison said...

beautiful pieces! love your etsy shop! visiting you from the etsy top treasury team :) great blog!


Laurie said...

Your work is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your new pieces :)

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