Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Featured Artist at Falling Rivers Gallery

Today I took a trip to Albemarle today to take inventory to the Falling Rivers Gallery.  The pieces to the left were the few pieces in my new line that I was able to get done before my elements went out in my kiln.  I also took some more of the Green Mist line(shown below).

I will be the featured artist September 20- October 11th.  There will be a nice display up front and there is a feature on the website. HERE

Also: The Falling Rivers Pottery show will be September 28th-29th.

In a few weeks I will start going to art shows on the weekends.  The first show is the Brushy Mtn Apple Festival.  This is a large festival covering 3 streets in downtown N. Wilkesboro.  I just love shopping for great arts and crafts and eating apple pies.  Yummm. 

The next Saturday is the Carolina Claymatters Pottery Festival in Charlotte.  I really like this show because our guild puts it on.  My contribution to the guild is that I am the website and Facebook administrator.  Plus I post the Festival on as many event listings as I can find.  
Check out the show listings for more information about date, time and locations of all the shows this fall.

Tomorrow my husband will help me try to replace the elements in the kiln and hopefully I will be good to glaze by the end of the week.


Linda Starr said...

congrats, I like your new color combo and design on your pots

Judy Abdelaziz said...

Thank you Linda. I am excited to see how they are received when I take them next week to the first show of the season. I have a bunch in the kiln right now, hopefully they turn out well.