Sunday, September 16, 2012

Boo hoo Broken Kiln

Last week I glazed every day.  Then on Friday as I was waiting for a glaze load to finish (which seemed to be taking forever) I come out to check on it and it has shut off with an error.  After talking to the person at the kiln company we decide that the elements must be worn out.  So I order the elements to hopefully come early this week.  My husband will help me put them in.  Hopefully I can be back to glazing by midweek.

The biggest bummer is that some of  the pieces that were to go in the last few loads were going to Falling Rivers Gallery on Tuesday.  I will be one of the featured artists this month and I wanted my display to be of the new line but it will have to be the green mist instead since that was the only line that I had enough really nice pieces finished.  I will also be bringing in items that make great holiday gifts. In the photo you can see the items I will take to Falling Rivers, plus the pieces waiting to go in the kiln once it's its fixed

At the end of this week my Mom will be arriving.  She will be keeping me company at my fall shows.  But first we are going to the beach for a week.  Woo hoo.

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