Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Gallery order

Unloaded the kiln last Thursday night and here is the order for Ocean Annies in Duck.  I was able to fit all the pieces plus the 6 mugs for Mountain Nest in Black Mtn.  This finishes up my current work load.  My plan is to start stocking up for the Fall show Season which starts in October.  During the summer I will throw as many pots as I can, filling up my bisque shelves, then in September I will glaze like crazy.  This plan my not start this week until the temperatures go back down.  Today it was over 104F and I do not have air conditioning in my studio.

During the next month I plan on adding some pieces that were left over from the spring shows to the Etsy site for sell. Other potters have told me that it is best to have over 100 but I haven't been able to manage it yet.  I am over 80 right now.

Something that I will be working on this summer is a better display.  I would like to get some Pro Panels but would like to buy them used.  I have a few notices out on the web but if anyone has a set they are selling, please email me.

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