Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New stamp

I loaded the kiln for the last time this year.  I was glad that all the pieces I needed for the Sanford Festival this weekend fit in the kiln.  You can see some of the yarn bowls that I have been making lately plus a cake stand/chip & dip.  At the Seagrove Pottery Festival a few weeks ago I had two cake plates and two different customers mentioned the possiblity of turning it over and using for a chip & dip.  So this time I made sure to glaze the area inside the pedestal portion for that purpose.

A few weeks ago at the Seagrove Pottery Festival there was a booth in our tent that was selling wood stamps.  My husband ordered me these stamps to mark my pieces.  In a few months I will try them out, but the sample looks good.

In a few weeks I will be heading to Montana to visit my family over Christmas, then I will be staying there for a month to take care of my mother during recovery from knee replacement surgery.  So the business will be closed from December 15th-January 31st.  After I return I look forward to experimenting with new designs and glazes.

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