Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mugs and Apples and Pears - Oh My

This week was the time to make a serious attempt at stocking up for Fall shows.  Today was mug day and I tried to make each one different.  These were my favorite ones.  I also went back to some old designs that are not great for packing in boxes but are fairly poplular.  The apple and pear is a design I haven't made for about 6 months but decided to bring back.  I would like to put them in the Mint Hill Arts "Food inspiration show" in October.  The yarn bowl on the left is an experiment.  I like the pedestals and almost stopped making them because they do not pack for shows easily.
Of course, I have made other items.  Yesterday I made brie bakers and I have also made a number of the Holey bowls.  I have tried a few times to make large platters and large handled bowls.  They are not working, I think because my clay is pretty hard.  I bought a large batch of clay a number of months ago and because sales were down from last year, I quit making anything for about a month.

I keep up with a number of pottery blogs and have noticed that I can not seem to post comments.  Hopefully this will fix itself. 

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