Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Using my new light box to take photos

A few days ago I got my new photo box in the mail.  It is quite large so that I can fit my larger pieces easily.  It seems to help control the glare somewhat better than the way I was doing it before.  The only thing I feel that I need to fix is the background.  I will need to order a graduated backgroung for it. It came with solid blue, black, red or white.  These are photos of the newest kiln load with the white background.  Not sure that I like the look of solid white.

I am getting ready for the Southern Arts Society of King Mountain's Earth & Fire @ the Depot show.  The reception is June 25th, 7-9pm and the show runs through July 29th. 

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Kings Creek Pottery said...

Who'd a thunk we would have to become photo experts too!! I get my graduated background from BH Photo. It does help and no wrinkles! The pots look amazing :)