Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vases Today

Had fun today and made some vases. The lobing is a design that I really like. My son came in the studio tonight when I was just finishing up the vase thats second from the left, and he says "Wow, that's the most awsome vase you have ever made". A great compliment from a kid that has zero interest in art. I also made another of the two piece vases that is twice the height. In the photo you can also see one of the handled bowls and some gravy boat that are drying. For the next few weeks I plan on just making fun pieces, rather that just making more of the same. Yesterday, I unloaded a glaze load and loaded another bisque. I priced everything I have done the past two months and packing up pieces for my March show in Chantilly. I still have to take photos of the nicer pieces, but I am waiting until after the glaze loads this weekend to finish photographing and packing. By next week I hope to have my dining room back. I started packing mainly because I feared that my dining room table would collapse from the weight.

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