Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Dance

Because I have been trying to be more efficient with my time, I have a lot more pottery sitting unfinished in my studio. I used to make pots, dry pots, load kiln, glaze, load kiln, empty kiln and either put pottery in my house or imediatly box it up. Now I am not glazing until I have a number of bisque loads done and will do all the pieces with one glaze at a time.

Lately I had been looking for more shelves and since I have very little space in my studio, I wanted shelves with wheels. I looked into "ware carts" which are made for pottery, but they cost between $500-$700 (yikes). You can see in the photo my old shelf in the back and my new unit in front. I came across this unit at Sam's for under $90 (yeah). What is great is that I can adjust the shelves and they have a plastic insert that is smooth (when wet pottery is put on a shelf it picks up any design (flaw) under it.) I am so happy with it that I will probably go out and get another one for my bisque ware, which is sitting on a table right now in the area my car usually goes.

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