Thursday, January 14, 2010

Berry Bowl Day

My new way to be efficient is to make one item a day in mass production. I also plan on glazing one color line at a time as well, so that I don't waste time thinking about what to do next. Many times this fall I was playing catch up and was all over the place. After I get caught up on my standard pieces, I will do some experimenting.

Today I made Berry Bowls. I have included some photos of the finishing of the bowls. First I center the piece on my foam trimming bat. Then I trim the bottom to make a foot.

Next I do three cut outs to let the water drain freely into the dish. Finally I cut out the holes for drainage. The final thing I will do is add the beading around the edge (not pictured). It is getting warmer out, so tomorrow might be the day I make some vases. (Check out my July 24, 2009 blog to see me assemble a large vase.)

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