Saturday, May 30, 2009

Slip Trailing

I have been making pots all week. Until yesterday, when my son Tarick helped me put out 8 yards of mulch. Hot, tiring work. Today I did the final touches with the slip trailing. On many of the pots I do a beaded design, as well as dragonfly's. In the photo you can see my new cookie jar which has both types of slip trailing. I will fire my kiln tonight and should be glazing in the next few days.

We have decided to get a tent and go camping. We haven't been in years, since our old tent got moldy. Boy, is the list long on items needed to camp. Told my husband that we have to go for at least 5 days to make it worth while. Would love opinions on North Carolina campgrounds. Will probably go a number of times this summer.

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