Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First Blog Post

Here it goes. I have been asked at every show whether I have a website and I have had to say no. Until now. I asked around and a number of other potters have blogs and looking into it I felt that I would enjoy blogging. I hope that you enjoy my posts.

I have been going to shows now for 6 weeks straight with this weekend being the last event scheduled for this Spring. I am exhausted working every weekend and all week making pottery to catch up on stock. Besides the shows I have 2 large orders to fill. After next week I believe that I will finish the orders and be able to take a week off (if I choose).

Tomorrow I will be glazing and I should have the batch out of the kiln by Thursday and perhaps I will have photos on my blog by Friday morning.

I am also planning to set up an etsy account soon so that customers can purchase items outside of shows. That said, I am always happy to send you photos of pieces available for sale, or even do commission orders.

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