Friday, December 11, 2015

Everything old is new again

Everything old is new again.  Recently while I was cleaning my upstairs to install our carpet I opened up a box of pottery that was shoved into a closet.  I hadn't looked at it for a few years but was surprise at what I found.

Sometimes those things that don't get you very excited at the time can be favorites later.  These three pieces were some of the pieces I found. They have been listed in my online shop.

Tonight I am going the the Annual Litaker show at Mint Hill Arts Reception tonight.  It will be interesting to see if either of my two pieces have been selected.  I will be sure to post about it.

This week I have been hard at work making new pieces for a online retailer that has ordered from me 4 times this year.  I wasn't expecting to be in the studio in December but the weather has been great so it's not been bad.
 A few days ago I sent out an order to The Promenade Gallery in Barea, KY.  They needed inventory ASAP so I worked with them and was able to pull out of my inventory some really nice pieces.

You can find my pottery in a number of gift shop and galleries, on my online Etsy shop or if you are local, give me a call and set up an appointment to pick up your handmade items. 704-408-7996

Remember:  Handmade is the best kind of gift.  It makes the buyer, artist and recipient happy.

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