Friday, August 21, 2015

In the Studio

My wheel broke yesterday. The pedal only has one speed now (fast). My husband looked at it but couldn't fix it, so I will most likely need to order a new pedal.   It broke right after I threw the three pieces for this vase.  Thank goodness.  This is the first thrown large vase I have made in the last few years.  I was pretty happy with it.

Another piece I made this week was the coffee canister (below).  The spoon was made with a technique I saw on another potters blog (can't remember who) using a ping pong ball to press the shape into the scoop.   The other two pieces are a soap pump and cup for my spare bathroom.

I was very excited to be asked to make pieces for Our State Magazine.  The appetizer trays (shown below) and butter dishes are now available at the Our State Store online.  The catalog comes out this week and shows up in stores September 1st.

Today I unloaded the kiln with mostly pieces for 2 different wholesale orders.  I then scraped the bottoms and packed for shipping.  The rest of the pieces from this load and the last few loads were priced and packed up in crates for my next show Art in Autumn in Weaverville, September 19th.  I will most likely do one more glaze load before then but I didn't have any more room on my shelves to store them.

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