Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Preparing for the Crozet Arts and Crafts Show

Getting ready for the Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival in Crozet, VA this weekend May 10th & 11th.  I realized a little almost too late that I didn't have any butter dishes and Salt and pepper shakers made until last week and hurried up and made a few.  I then hurried up and made a few bowls just to fill the kiln plus the funeral urn for a relative made a 3/4 filled bisque load.  I usually fill it to the brim.

Needless to say the glaze load was not full either but I was very happy with the results.
These three pieces were glazed with a mixture of two similar glazes.  One was blue and the other was supposed to be green but looked almost the same color, so I just dumped them into each other.

I have noticed that the green glazes I have made may look great when I first mix them, but they seem to lose the green after a few uses and turn yellowish.  I am going to up the percent of green colorant in the next batch but will only make a small bucket of it.
I spent the last few days getting my pots ready for the show this weekend.  I had to grind bottoms, sign the bottoms, price, photograph and pack.  The packing also meant rearranging boxes of pots from last Fall's shows.  I removed some pieces I wasn't happy with.  Plus, over the winter and spring I had taken some pieces out for galleries and to sell on Etsy.   I ended up with 8 boxes, which is way too many but I can never seem to leave any nice ones behind.  The Boardwalk Art show is only a month after this one so I will need lot's of pots for that 4 day show.

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