Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cookie Jar, Teapots and Vases

Very exited about this weeks glazing.  These are only a few of the pieces out of the two loads and I was happy with 99% of it.  A few of my favorites are shown here but you can see more on the Facebook Page.   I made a new green, which you can see on the leaf piece.  It is a pale green so I plan on mixing in a little more green colorant in the next batch  Although I like it because it matches my new decor in my living room.

The pot to the left is my new cookie jar.  I made myself all new pieces for my kitchen counter since I painted the room a powder blue.  I made canisters, butter dish, salt and pepper, salt cellar, olive oil bottle, utensil holder and a tea caddy.  The tea caddy includes a jar to hold tea bags, sugar jar, sweet and low cup and spoon rest.  My hope is that this will keep my family from leaving them all over the counter now that they are contained in a nice tray.

Two of the pieces will go to the "Into the Garden" show at the Ciel Gallery in May.

Lately I have been trying to stock up on items for my upcoming art shows.  I have one in May and one in June.  I also go on vacation this week so no work will be produced for a week.  At this point only a few more pieces can be made for the May show but I need to have pieces ready for glazing after it for the four day show in June in Virginia Beach.

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