Sunday, September 15, 2013


Today I set out to make some teapots.  Two of them were new ideas and one a teapot I have made before.  I decided to take some photos of the process.  I am posting a few but I skipped some of the basic steps.

First I cut out a piece of newspaper with the shape of my form.  Then I roll out slabs, cut the shapes out using my pattern, then stamp the slabs.
After the slabs dry for a bit with the fans running I bevel the edges and score.  Next I shape the form using a piece of foam.  The two pieces are put together and place on the pedestal I made while the slabs were drying.  A lid is made, a handle is pulled and applied.

My whimsical spouts are made by pulling a "handle" and placing in on a board in the shape I would like the spout to be and let it dry a bit in the sun.  Next I cut the spout down the middle, scoop out the insides, score, slip and put back together.  This allows me to make any shape spout I like.

Both the teapots below are a new design.  I think I like the taller one best but I think that they actually look good next to each other.
It feels good to get some work done today.  It seemed like I didn't get much done last week.  Last Sunday our water was out all day.  Tuesday afternoon I had a PR meeting for the Clay Matters Festival.  Thursday I had to shampoo my carpets and a dentist appt.  Friday I had to shop and make a cheesecake for a card party on Saturday night.  This week looks clear but I can never tell.  I things go well perhaps I will glaze the following week.


Tari Huffaker said...

I love your blog. Your work is beautiful. I hope you don't mind if I put a link to you in my blog, I am just building it but I want to share sites that I just love to visit.
Thanks for sharing your talents and insite.

Judy Abdelaziz said...

Of course you can add a link to my blog. I look forward to seeing your progress.