Thursday, November 15, 2012

Heading to Seagrove tomorrow

Last weekend at the Carolina Pottery Festival I got a request for a extra large handled bowl.  The bowls are usually about 13-14 inches so that they can fit in my boxes when I pack up for shows.  The customer wants her bowl to be 16 inches.  A few days ago I threw 2 bowls and achieved 16 inches but after firing it will not be big enough so today I will try again.  The smaller of the two bowls I decided to try a cross hatch pattern around the rim. (see photo).  It turned out nice.

I was supposed to be done throwing last week, since my last show of the year is Seagrove (this weekend).  Instead I have to make enough pieces to fill my kiln, just so that I can fire this piece.  Hopefully this weekend I will get some more custom orders.  The six platter order I started last month will need to be glaze fired anyway and will probably take a few loads.

Tomorrow I will head up to the Seagrove Pottery Festival to set up my booth.  This year my Auction piece will be a teapot. Check out my Facebook page for a photo. The forecast is chilly, so I need to bring warm clothes.  The festival is always very busy, so I hope that is the case again this year.

Early next week I will start adding new items from my leftover inventory to my Etsy site.  Then I will take some new pieces to a few gifts shops in town.

In a few weeks I head to western N.C. to attend the John C. Campbell school for a week.  I will be taking a pottery course with Sylvia Coppola.  My mom is going to be my room mate and she is taking the copper enameling course.  I am looking forward to the trip.

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