Thursday, October 18, 2012

Christmas Made in the South - Ready, Set, Go

Today I go set up the the Christmas Made in the South show.  It usually takes around 5 hours to set up.  The good thing is that they have porters there with large carts to help bring it all it.  That saves my back a bit. Hopefully I go home lighter.

Yesterday I unloaded the kiln and this vase was a favorite.  On the neck I used the rounded top of a lag screw to make intentions.  I got the idea from the Joy Tanner workshop.  She used the octagon shaped bolts  to make texture on her pots.

After the show on Monday I will throw like crazy for a few days, then I am taking my mom up to the mountains and our cabin for a visit.  When I get back I will glaze like crazy for the Carolina Pottery Show in Shelby and the Seagrove Pottery show the next week.  I also need to get pieces ready for the month long show at Kings Mtn.

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