Thursday, August 2, 2012

Before and After

Yesterday when I loaded the kiln I remembered to take a photo before firing.  Today, I opened the lid and here is a photo of how the glaze changes in the firing.  Later when the kiln cools down I will photograph a few pieces for Etsy and few other of my favorite pieces. In this load there was another order for the Mountain View Gift shop in Black Mountain.  There are also test pieces for the local wine bar.  Once they pick which glaze they like, I will glaze those pieces, probably next week.

Today I made three footed candy dishes and a pitcher.  In the upper left photo, I have the three steps of how I make the feet.  On the right is a photo of one of the dishes that I put on Etsy this week.  On the left you can see a pitcher with a handbuilt spout and the three feet.

I have been looking at my calendar and feel like I am not working hard enough.  I have 7 weeks until I need to be ready for my first show. I am taking a week off at the beach with my mom just before the start of the show season, plus we are going to go to the cabin at the end of October, so I won't have the 3 full weeks to restock before the November shows.

This summer is different than in the past because I am trying to add items to Etsy, plus fill a number of orders.

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