Sunday, April 24, 2011

British Slipware Workshop

Yesterday I spent the day in Shelby at the British Slipware Workshop.  Doug Fitch and Hannah McAndrew gave a great demonstration on tradional English Slipware.  Doug made large Pitchers using a blow torch to speed up the drying.  Then he decorated his pots with slip and fast, simple decorating.  Hannah made a variety of items, then used different colored slips to make more intricate designs on her pots. They colaborated on a puzzle jug.  Which you can see Hannah decorating (below).  The puzzle is how to drink out of the jug without spilling.  There are holes on the neck of the jug.  I plan on making a puzzle jug or mug later this week.

While I was having a great time learning great new techniques and having lunch & dinner with potter friends, my wonderful husband was making me a register table for my booth.  He finished building it today and I stained it black.  It looks fabulous. Tomorrow I will put on another coat.  Tomorrow I also need to glaze my order for Preston Flowers.  The order will go with me up to Sanford this weekend for delivery.

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