Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back to throwing

The last three weekends I have been at pottery shows around North Carolina. This Spring has been mostly better than last as far as overall sales. I started doing shows a year and a half ago, just as the market collapsed and I wasn't sure if it was the greatest time to be starting a new business. Luckily my husband keeps telling me to give it three years. The last few weeks I haven't been throwing much, just glazing to replace stock sold. I have worked since January stocking up on bisque ware for just that reason. It has worked out pretty well. My last show before the fall is June 5th in Eden, NC. After that I will be stocking up for the Fall shows.

My Mom has been here visiting since March and has helped with 4 of my spring shows. I really enjoyed her visit and appreciated her help.

Today I went back into the studio. This pouring vessel turned out nice. If all goes well with glazing, I hope to put it in the juried show at Mint Hill Arts in June. Every day this week I plan on throwing at least one possible show piece. I also stocked up on my small berry bowls.

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