Monday, November 9, 2009

New color combination

Here are a few samplings from the newest kiln load. These cups are an example of a color combination that I will probably be working on in the next few months. I also have brie makers & teacups with this combination.

These are some vases that I liked. I am very low on my vase inventory and will be making a bunch more in the next week.

This is a special order that I just finished. There are still a few more orders that I need to finish. Yesterday when I unloaded the bisque load, there was a lid on the canister set that broke. So I have to redo the canister & lid because there is shrinkage in the kiln and I can't just make a lid. I also have to redo some dinner plates that flatened out in the glaze load, and have to redo a ladle that fell over in the kiln and stuck to another piece. Tomorrow will be a day of fixing. Hopefully I can also get some vases made.

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