Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wedding Gift

Here is a commission order I finished recently for a woman getting married in August. We worked together to design her place settings and serving pieces. I am envious of her because I don't even have a set for myself yet. I did make my appetizer plates today, since I am having Spades (neighborhood card game) at my house next month. I will probably make dinner plates next, but there is no hurry since I don't have any plans for a dinner party any time soon. There are so many shows that I am committed to in the fall, that I need to be making pieces for sale rather than for my own enjoyment. I plan on going to the farmers market this weekend to sale some of my misc. pieces. If it goes well, I will plan on going back again later this summer.

The buyer for the Greensboro Historical Museum Giftshop picked up their order today(Above). This is my first time selling work at a store and I am interested in seeing how it goes. She seemed interested in my new work with red sprayed on glaze. (see below). They are remodeling the museum and will be doing a Grand Re-0pening in the fall. She thought that they may be interested in some of that work in the fall.

Tomorrow I am going to get back to work making urns. I have made a bunch of bowls and platters lately, but I really enjoy making urns and I have sketched some ideas that I would like to try.

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